What is evisa?
 eVISA is an online application platform that enables foreign nationals to apply for an electronic visa to enter Malaysia. You will receive your eVISA in an A4 printout format which you will have to print out accordingly. Kindly be reminded that your eVISA printout is crucial and must be presented upon your arrival at the Malaysian entry checkpoints.
How much is Malaysia visa fees for Indians ?
Malaysia visa fees for indians is given below:while applying through us, you just have to fill a simple form , sent us the documents and make initial payment and we will take care all others. (No need of flight and hotel bookings while applying through us) 
What is the photo size needed for Malaysia evisa?
Scanned copy of recent passport size photograph of the applicant . The size of the scanned photograph should be 35mm x 50mm. It needs to be in the PNG or JPG format and its size should not exceed 2MB. The photo should be in white background.If you are applying through visamalaysia.in, You just need to sent the scanned copy of the photo everything else we will take care.
What are the procedures for applying through visamalaysia.in?
It’s really easy to apply through us.just have to fill our simple form and submit. We will get back to you by mail.Then you have to send the documents and make initial payment.We will process and get back to you as soon as possible.
Is evisa required for minors to enter Malaysia?
Yes, evisa is mandatory for everyone who is entering Malaysia irrespective of the age of the applicant. While applying for minors, it is mandatory to have their birth certificates.
Whether i have to submit Bank statement ,Aadhar card or other such documents to embassy?
If you are applying for eNTRI visa, you don’t need to show such documents.But in case of evisa SEV 30 days or MEV 30 day, 1 out of 100 applicants might ask for bank statements , Aadhar card or other such documents.Note: People who are applying Malaysia e visa SEV 30 days or MEV 30 days from abroad should  be ready with a Indian bank statement and Aadhar card since now a days embassy often asks for such documents from those who are abroad (Outside India).
How will be a evisa for Malaysia look like ?
A sample of evisa is shown
How will be a eNTRI visa for Malaysia look like ?
A sample of eNTRI visa is shown 
Whether flight/hotel reservation required for applying through visamalayisa.in?
No, we will take care of your flight ticket and hotel reservation for visa purpose according to the dates you give using our private booking service. So you are under no risk of losing your money if your visa is cancelled or your plans change. You can book your own flight tickets after getting the visa approved which will make your money safe.
Whether multiple entry visa available for indians?
Yes, starting from 14th September 2018, visa Malaysia will provide additional option for Indian National to apply for MEV 30 days. Now Indians can have multiple entries to Malaysia during the trip.
What would happen if we overstay in Malaysia more than the days we are allowed in the approved visa?
It is advisable that you limit your stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 30 days. Over staying may lead to administrative fines and can even make way for denial of visa.
Can I apply visa from Malaysia?
No, an evisa should be applied or obtained prior to your entry to Malaysia .
If the information given in the approved visa is wrong and needs correction, what should be I do?
You have to reapply for a new Malaysia evisa with the correct information as per the passport and travel documents.
Is this the official site for applying Malaysia evisa?
No , official website is www.windowmalaysia.my. We are professionals working for visa. While applying through us, you have to pay only 50% initial payment and no need of having flight and hotel reservation while applying for visa.
How to verify Malaysia evisa/entri visa?
You can visit the Malaysian government website by clicking the link below to verify your visa: https://www.windowmalaysia.my/evisa/vlno_checkstatus.jsp
What would happen at the Immigration counter?
Once you present your eVisa or eNTRI note, you might be asked details such as how many days you would be staying in Malaysia? What is your plan? You might be also asked to present your return tickets and hotel bookings. Your e visa document might also be verified for spelling mistakes and other misinformation. This can lead to refusal of entry into Malaysia
What are the Documents to be shown at the immigration counter?
These are the documents to be shown at the time of travel to the immigration officers