“Malaysia is truly Asia” majority of Indians are familiar with this popular tagline from Malaysia Tourism. A southern Asian country, which is an obvious popular vacation destination among Indians. This exotic location with beaches and rain forests is a beautiful spot to spend a holiday with your family or friends.

To enjoy such an outing at this mesmerizing place, all you need to do is have a visa, book tickets, pack, and travel. In order to have a Malaysia tourist visa, you would have to priorly apply for the same.

Saving you from the hustle-bustle, we have a perfect solution that would ease up your work. Many companies like this, offer an impressive option of eVISA which you can apply from home. Like any other e-commerce facility, this provision is also saved time and are easier to issue. You get more benefits if you are an Indian citizen.

Since March 2017, the Government of Malaysia offered a new scheme hand-picked only for the citizen of India and China: the Electronic Travel Registration & Information Visa, also known as eNTRI Visa. with this facility, in a matter of hours Indians can enjoy their eVISA, while chilling in a sofa. When compared to Malaysia visa on arrival for Indian, they can be free from the complexity of the form and stress to get every information right from the airport. The form that you have to fill to get eVISA is simpler in comparison. It contains only the necessary information.

Well, if you an owner of Indian passport and desire to feel mesmerized by the beauty of Malaysia, you must be juggling with many questions in your head. Don’t worry, take a breath and read along the following FAQs that we have mentioned especially for you:

If I am traveling to Malaysia for more than 15 days can I apply for two eNTRI visas?

No, you that is not possible but you can apply for eNTRI visa once every 3 months. If your plans exceed the time frame of 15 days, then there is another option of Malaysia Tourist e-Visa that are available in both single entry visa and multiple entry visas.

Does embassy asks for huge/particular bank balance for eNTRI/ eVISA?

No, 1 out of 1000 applicants are only asked for bank statements. Even if they ask,there is no particular amount specified for evisa/eNTRI visa. It is advised to have a minimum account balance to safe side from the immigration standards.

How can I apply for eVisa?

You can apply for a visa by filling this simple form. Click on this link.


Am I required to submit any physical document when applying for my eVISA?

No, you do not. There is no norm to submit any physical documents unless they are requested by the Malaysian Mission Office.

Will I receive a refund if my eVISA is rejected?

Yes. You will receive a refund for your visa fee. All other fees will not be refunded.

Now that you know how easy it is to travel to this beautiful place, which can craft memories for a lifetime. Although we advise being aware of the fraud website.We advice you to get an evisa from a trusted visa agent than going for visa on arrival .

When you’ll look for Malaysia evisa for Indian online, there will be innumerable websites. Agents of such website allure customers with impressive schemes, untraceable once a payment has been submitted. To help you out from any such possibility of deception, this website ensures security and is a reliable source. They will deliver you a legalize Malaysia e visa for Indians as quickly as possible. Eliminate your worry about visa from now onwards and contact visamalaysia.in and  plan a trip to Malaysia.

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