A popular choice among travelers as a top tourist destination, Malaysia is one country that will not disappoint you especially if one enjoys good food and abundant nature and overall having a good time. Malaysia is a haven for foodies and nature lovers. You can find anything and everything for yourself in Malaysia. But there are a few interesting facts about Malaysia that not many people know about. Have a look.

Unity In Diversity

Malaysia truly believes in unity in diversity. You can find people of all races, religion, and color getting along with each other. There is no trace of racism whatsoever in Malaysia. That’s why it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. You can easily plan your travel without worrying about ethnic differences because Malaysia invites everyone with open arms. This place is quite popular among Indians due to the kind of experiences it offers to its travelers; that is why the Malaysian Government decided to provide Indian visitors with the facility of obtaining e-visa without any hassle. Visa Malaysia offers premium services wherein you can get your Malaysia 15 days visa at fees that are very nominal.

A Fruit That Is Banned In Public Transports- Durian

Another interesting fact about Malaysia is that Durian also called The King of fruits is prohibited in most public transports in Malaysia. Durian is one such fruit that has a powerful and distinctive odor that can be smelled from yards away. It is known as the world’s smelliest fruit. The fruit has a unique appearance with spikes all over its body. It takes a lot of effort to hold a durian in your hands. Due to its smell, it is not allowed even to carry it in public transports, let alone eat it.

Home To Rafflesia- World’s Heaviest Flower

Malaysia is also home to the world’s heaviest flower, Rafflesia. Rafflesia is a parasitic flower that emits a very strong smell to attract insects. It is one of those rare flowers that can be found in Malaysia due to the perfect conditions it requires for blooming. It only blooms for 3-5 days in a year before it starts to decay. With the title of world’s heaviest flower, Rafflesia can reach up to 22 pounds and 39 inches in diameter.

Malaysian Dialect

While traveling in Malaysia, you might come across locals talking and using the word “lah’ a lot of times. It is quite interesting to hear them talk and throw this word around in their conversation. It is because ‘lah” is used to emphasize a word or sentence. It’s more like a spoken exclamation point. It is these little things that are intriguing about a particular country and teach you a lot about their culture and dialect. So make sure you pay attention to such small things on your trip to Malaysia and come back with a truckload of memories to share with the world.

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