Malaysia is one of the glorious destinations that has often attracted travelers from all over the world, especially Indians, probably due to the close proximity to a heart winningly beautiful location. The mesmerizing beauty and amazing destinations of this country are truly eye-catching. For many Indians, traveling to this wonderful place would become easy, if getting a tourist Malaysian evisa was as easy as playing PUBG on their smartphone. However, blaming developing countries for tightening rules and regulations would be not right. Also, the tourism facilities rendered by the Malaysian Government Authorities have ensured that tourists have enough when they visit Malaysia on a business trip or on vacation.

One of the most important things to consider before planning a trip to Malaysia is to ensure that the visa is to be collected after taking care of all rules and regulations. And, it’s quite imperative to follow the rules.

Anyway, if you are planning to travel to Malaysia, a visa is required and frankly, getting one is not usually a child’s play. If your Malaysia visa has been rejected before, then probably there would have been some errors in your visa application.

Let’s check out some common mistakes that can cause you to be denied an e-visa.


When applying for Malaysian e-visa, you need be careful and fill in an application form correctly. When you are doing so, avoid leaving any blank spaces in the form. Giving a single wrong information can make the e-visa rejected. This is important because every detail counts!


This is one of the most common mistakes made by travelers. In case your bookings are inconsistent, that alone can be a massive reason for the rejection of your e-visa application. So, be careful with your bookings when filling in an application form. while applying through, we can take care of the flight and hotel reservations for visa purpose later after getting the e-visa you can move on further with your own bookings which makes more convenient for travelers.


When you are called for an interview with the immigration officer, it’s important to communicate clearly and properly, so that he or she understands you. While, the officials can be pretty intimidating, but being too rude or too nervous can cost you a fortune in the long run. So, be clear, audible and calm during the interview. Also,  don’t give unnecessary information, just answer what you are asked for and your job is done!


This is another reason why so many travelers get declined. When applying for a foreign visa like Malaysia, therefore it’s imperative to show the visa officials that you own sufficient funds to cover your trip. In most of the cases, you could be asked to show how much expense will be there for flight tickets, hotel, shopping, and other activities. Simply, preparedness plays an important role here. Also, it’s important to make sure that you carry a sufficient amount of money when going for an interview.

By avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes ensure that the process of getting a Malaysian e- visa goes smoothly.


Now, obtaining a Malaysian tourist visa is not at all mystifying, with solid foundations like “Visa Malaysia” providing Malaysian evisa to Indian citizens at fair prices.


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