What comes to your mind when someone says “Malaysia”?

Malaysia is synonyms to vibrancy and exuberance. A country known for its cultural diversity, Malaysia is one of the most desired holiday destinations in the world.

As per the latest statistical reports by trading economics, tourist arrival in Malaysia has reached 82200 MYR Million in 2017, reaching an all-time high. The statistic further revealed that Indian are top ten amongst the tourists that have arrived in the nation.

India is one of the top ten tourists sources for Malaysia and Malaysia plans to escalate their tourism promotions further to increase their Indian tourists base n the coming years. Malaysian government even offers the facility to Indian tourists to apply for the visa through an online portal. Our visa agency, Visa Malaysia will help you get your evisa, without you having to spend a penny on flight and hotel reservations. You can trust upon Visa Malaysia in getting your visa application approved faster than any other agency and that too on an affordable package.

Since Malaysia is governed by and for the Muslim Malay, there is a distinctly appearing apprehensiveness amongst the visitors because of misconceptions that make them believe it is controversial zone and hence should be visited with utmost caution. Yes, every nation has their set of cultural and traditional protocols that should be respected, but this is no way means that you can not enjoy your stay to the fullest. Malaysia is one of those rarest countries where people of various ethnicities, race, and religions live in perfect peace and harmony, being accepting and respectful of each other’s lifestyle.

Today we will discuss the misconceptions that Indian tourists have about Malaysia that stops them from enjoying the beauty of this exquisite place:


Just because Malaysia is an officially Muslim country, does not mean that the country has no entertainment sources to offer unless fun for you means being sloshed in alcohol and creating a  scene in the middle of the night on the road.

Yes, a majority of the population in Malaysia is of Islam faith, and they follow such practices that are considered conservative by the rest of the world. But Malaysia is anything but boring. Understanding their tourism composition, Malaysian cities are geared up nicely for international guests with various bars and restaurants open till late night.


This one stems from Malaysia being a primarily a Muslim nation. Although Malaysian are nowhere close to arrogant or impolite, if you see it in a way you are religiously discriminating and pigeonholing all Malaysians, just because of your inability to understand a culture. Malaysian population comprises Indian, Muslims, Chinese; if this isn’t telling enough of their accommodating behavior, we don’t know what will? It is their wary behavior that comes off as arrogance. Malaysian are highly accommodating of foreign tourists, very polite albeit shy.


Many interested tourists are apprehensive of visiting Malaysia because they are under the impression that Malaysia is mostly a land mass with jungles and infections around. It’s true that Malaysia has bemusing jungles, but you cannot afford to overlook the bustling urban life f the nation, which is continuously evolving and is becoming an educational, industrial and commercial hub.

How are you supposed to enjoy yourself if you can’t freely wander around in a new city?

So, now that we have shattered all the misconceptions people have about this cultural melting pot, Malaysia, when are you planning your next vacation to this dynamic country? Whenever that may be, whether you need a visa for Malaysia visa on arrival, know that Visa Malaysia will be there to help you get your duly processed visa on time, depending upon the number of days you are staying. With Visa Malaysia at your disposal, you no longer have to worry about being confused and dread the visa application rejection.


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