Malaysia has always been a popular tourist destination and even though there exists a plethora of places one can visit in this tropical paradise today let us check out most famous historical places in Malaysia that you need to visit

The Malacca Sultanate Palace is set in the foot of St. Paul’s hill located at the historical city of Malacca. The entire seven-storey building is constructed entirely with carved, wooden pillars without using any nails. The palace is an imitation of the ancient Malay kingdom of Sultan Mansur Shah and it showcases many artifacts from the 15th century. Other key attraction along the hill includes:

  • Melaka Stamp museum – Collection of more than 2000 stamps from all eras and from around the world.
  • Melaka Islamic Museum – It offers an introduction of Islam in Malaysia
  • St. Paul’s Church – the oldest church in Malacca


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