Malaysia is definitely in the list of top ten countries every Indian wants to visit in their lifetime. Per the 2017 tourists statistical reports revealed by the government of Malaysia, Indian ranks fifth in the list of top ten tourist source marketers for Malaysia. Adding to it is the improvement in the visa facilities in India with agencies like Visa Malaysia making the application to the acceptance process, a hassle-free experience.

But as we know every country has their own culture: good and bad, what might be acceptable in European countries might be reprimanded in South-Asia. This is the reason why we are going to discuss what cultural etiquettes should you be mindful of when traveling to Malaysia:

  • As a tourist, interaction is the only way you will get to know more about the place, but you must bear in mind that you are not in a Western Country; hence you should be wary of your body language. Do not touch the head of anybody; man, woman, child, senior citizen. It is considered rude.
  • Similarly, unless someone offers you to first, don’t proceed to share hands while greeting them. This should mainly be remembered when interacting with women, don’t touch and unless they initiate, do not offer a handshake.
  • Alcohol consumption although not prohibited but it is also not encouraged in Malaysia, considering the sizeable Muslim population. People creating nuisance in public after their drinking sessions are looked down upon. Which is why it is advised that do not drink alcohol outside the bars. Do not get involved with drugs while on your trip to Malaysia as the country has a strict death penalty for drug trafficking.
  • Public display of affection like kissing, cuddling is not well-received in Malaysia. To be well-mannered in public matters the most in Malaysian culture.
  • Note that if you are dining with the Hindus or Buddhists in Malaysia, do not order any beef dishes, since there is also a Hindu majority population in Malaysia and cow is considered a sacred animal in the religion and Buddhists do not consume beef.
  • It is considered extremely rude to point fingers at the thing. Malaysian population follows the custom of using the right thumb with other singers closed to form a fist when pointing towards something.
  • If you plan to chill-out by the beach with your friends, remember that although bikini is permissible beach-wear in Malaysia, topless sunbathing isn’t and female natives prefer swimming fully clothed.

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