If you have recently read the news, you sure must have come across the elating piece stating that The Malaysia Visa Waiver programme validity has been extended till December 2019, meaning under an exemption, entry for Indians now valid till December 2019.

With this, now Indian tourists have all the more reason to visit the beautiful and scenic Malaysia.

But many Indian make the mistake of relying only on visa on arrival thinking a few hours prior to the flight they can quickly get a visa on Malaysia arrival, which is misinformation that many Indians have.

So what is Visa on arrival?

A seemingly hassle-free process wherein travelers get travel permit upon landing in the continue without having to go through the paperwork or waiting in long queues. Although it is picked up directly at the airport, the applicant has to apply beforehand to get the same.

Why shouldn’t one rely on visa on arrival?

  • While visa on arrival is useful if you plan to visit the country once and is also a viable option for last minute travel plans, visa on arrival have several disadvantages, concerning which you should not entirely rely on visa on arrival, such as:
  • The cost for normal e-visa from Visamalaysia will be INR 4000 for 30 days stay and INR 2400 for a single entry visa, while the Malaysian government charges INR 7000 (USD 100) for visa on arrival.
  • Although we did say, it is hassle-free, with you not having to go through the paperwork like a general visa but to get a visa on arrival you need to hold a valid visa from either Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia, which can be a complication in itself.
  • Visa on arrival will only be valid for single entry and is not a good option for visiting one country multiple times.

What would be a better option then?

Go for an eNTRI visa, if you plan to stay for 15 days or evisa if you wish to soak in the beauty of Malaysia for 30 days. Unless it is an emergency, prefer e-visa or apply for Single eNTRY visa, which is a more reliable process.

Look forward to a stress-free and cherishable vacation by applying for Visa online, i.e., e-visa. Through e-visa, you ask for permission to visit the country online. This means no hassle of managing documentation, standing in long queues.

You are wondering where to get a quick and easy eNTRI visa or e-visa for Malaysia?

Visamalaysia has got you covered. We are visa professionals helping Indian tourists get their visa to be it Single Entry Visa for 15 days or e-visa MEV for 30 days.

Thinking what is different about our services?

Well, with us, you do not have to pay for the flight and room booking while applying for a visa and can make an initial payment of only 10%.

So what are you waiting for?

Apply now and get your eNTRI visa delivered at your doorstep in maximum one day and e-visa in 3-4 days.

Plan your Malaysia trip today and start it by applying through Visa Malaysia at a reasonable rate!

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